“Returning to work has been made easier with a supportive employer like ENS”

It can be hard to get back into the swing of work after returning from an extended break like maternity leave, especially when you feel torn between family and work commitments.

I’ve recently returned from 13 months maternity leave after having my second child and I’m glad to say it’s been relatively easy. That’s not to say it’s been entirely without difficulty. The weeks leading up to my return were fraught with worry about whether my little one would cope without me, but I’m very fortunate to have both sets of retired grandparents locally, so it’s comforting to know my little one is getting spoilt for the day while I’m in the office getting a bit of time to be me again.

Working for a supportive company like ENS has also helped make my return to work easier. They kept in touch with me while I was on maternity leave and included me in the Christmas do which was great as it gave me a chance to catch up with people over a few drinks and kept me in the loop a bit. I found keeping in touch days really helpful too as it meant I could stay up-to-date on developments in the company.

As everyone knows once you have children you’re priorities change and mine certainly did. My children are my focus now and all those little things I used to worry about seem completely insignificant. When I made the decision to go back to work I knew I would need to do so on the basis that I could still be around for my children and have to time focus on their needs while they are still young. Although I fully appreciate that everyone’s personal circumstances are different and everyone should do what is right for their family.

I feel working on a part-time basis means I have a good family life/work life balance and it works well for me. I get to be me for a couple of days a week, something I value even more now I have two children keeping me busy. The rest of the week I get to enjoy my two cheeky boys.  I was able to ease back into work slowly so it wasn’t too daunting after a year away from the office and I’m now definitely back into the swing of things and its working well. I valve both my time at work and my time at home.

I feel very fortunate to work for a company like ENS, which is flexible and understanding of the fact I am a working parent. ENS allows me to balance the needs of both my working life and family life.


My top tips for returning to work

Be honest with yourself about what is important to you.

There is no perfect formula for the ideal work/life balance, everyone is different and you have to find what works for you based on your on circumstances and wants.

Know your rights when you’re negotiating part-time hours on your return to work.

Read through the government website on flexible working before you have your return to work interview. https://www.gov.uk/flexible-working

Be realistic – you can’t do everything!

Despite what everyone tells us I don’t believe women can have it all. Something always has to give so be prepared for things to be a bit chaotic when you first go back to work, everything can’t be perfect when you’re juggling different priorities. Go with it and just be realistic about what you can achieve at both work and at home.

Get organised

I think being organised is key to being a working parent (and being able to get out of the door each morning!) Ensure you’ve done packed lunches, home work and sorted the children’s clothes out for the next day so you’re ready to go when you’ve got to do multiple childcare drop offs and still get in the office for 9!

Most importantly enjoy it!

Embrace being a working parent, we’re fortunate that our generation of women have more opportunities open to them.
Enjoy being able to raise a family while also continuing to develop your career.

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Why ENS?

  • Competitive salaries
  • Profit related pay bonus
  • 20 days annual leave plus bank holidays (Increasing each year of service to 25 days)
  • Casual dress code
  • and much more!

What people are saying about ENS

ENS has been our sole agency provider for the past 8 years. During this time we have worked in partnership to establish an agency service that provides us with the assurance that ENS staff are flexible, highly trained and able to adapt to our working environment across all of our diverse services.
ENS has been able to support our services to a very high standard throughout our geographical locations. Key Performance Indicators often exceed agreed outcomes.
Our relationship with their senior team and operational supervisors is professional and open. We are assured that our long standing working relationship with ENS will continue.
To this end we would not hesitate to recommend ENS as an agency provider to support their organisation.

Director of Human Resources and Training – large Housing and Support charity based in London

We needed to fill two last minute vacancies with high quality teachers.  With this brief, Julie from ENS did not disappoint.  One candidate was from Canada and Julie ensured that the move over went as smoothly as possible both for the teacher and the school. 
What impressed me the most was how Julie listened to exactly what I required and so no time was wasted on my part, sifting through candidates who would not have been good enough for my school. I would highly recommend ENS to another school looking to fill their teacher vacancies.

Darren, Drapers Academy in Harold Hill

My daughter Lynda has enjoyed 24 hour care provided by ENS since July 2013. The care staff are all well trained & briefed as to her complex healthcare regime & are also very sociable. This is very important to Lynda who loves to talk &interact with them. They also manage her household budget, encourage her to participate in domestic tasks within her capabilities, & promote a healthy lifestyle. The administration of ENS is excellent & has ensured that Lynda has a regular rota of carers & that when stand ins are necessary that they have had shadow shifts with her.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work and support you have offered our Foyer and Parent and Child Scheme in managing the placement of temporary staff.
We appreciate the level of consistency and continuity your staff have bought to the schemes and would not hesitate in recommending the services of ENS Recruitment.

Foyer Manager – Large Housing Association based in Southeast England