How can we all stay healthy at work during the winter?

During the winter months illness for employees is very common and can cause major disruption for employers, employees, clients, and even home life, for those that bring the flu home.

As a response to the truly bitter weather we’ve had all across the country over the past few weeks, we wanted to put together an easy-to-read guide to ensure that you can stay healthy over the bitter winter months with a few tips from our consultants.


flu jab

Flu Vaccination

At a small cost, the flu jab is something that will really help prevent the chances of getting ill, organising a jab for the winter would do well to prevent the spread of flu at work, so it’s well worth the small fee. Please note that the flu vaccination is free for some individuals. Check to see if you’re valid for a free jab.


soap dispenser

Thoroughly clean hands regularly

Ensuring that your hands are cleaned regularly will help to squash germs and ultimately prevent the spread of illness at work. Ensuring that you clean your hands before and after serving up or eating food is also important to maintain a healthy and clean working environment for both you and your co-workers.


forest bridge

Getting outdoors

The great outdoors is a simple, easy way of boosting your immune system. Making sure you’re not cooped up inside all day can often make the difference between a healthy individual and a poorly one. Sunlight is great for boosting your mood and your immune system, and it’s a great way to relax after a work day.



Wrapping up warm

In the bitter mornings and icy evenings, it’s vital to wrap up warm on the journey to and from work. Coats, scarves and gloves are a must when commuting, especially if your commute is a long one, with morning and evenings often becoming frosty.



Staying active

Doing regular outdoor activities and exercise also has a big part to play when it comes to maintaining your health. By spending plenty of time staying active outdoors, you should see better mental and physical health, which both play an integral role in staying healthy, especially during the dark and depressing winter months.


alarm clock


Sleep is so important: with a lack of sleep comes a lack of energy and motivation; over prolonged periods, getting less than your recommended amount of sleep can impact mood, ability to function and bring on illness as a result of sleep deprivation.



Eat and drink well

Your diet plays a big role in your health, so ensuring you’re kept well-fed with a healthy mix of fruit and veg in a balanced diet will really help to stave off illness over the year. Ensuring you drink plenty of water is also essential!



Feeling ill? Visit your pharmacist

Sometimes you might contract illness, despite taking the necessary precautions – it’s natural. If that does happen, visiting your pharmacist can provide you with advice and medicine to deal with ailments.

What is ENS doing to squash illness at work?

We want to keep our workforce as healthy and happy as possible in order to continue ‘going beyond standards’. To that effect, here’s how we have implemented most of the pointers above in our culture and our offices to promote good health:

  • We offer free fruit every week around the offices to promote healthy eating. With a range of fruit like bananas, grapes, apples and plums, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. We’ve also got plenty of water coolers dotted around  our offices too, as water is another key component to a balanced diet!
  • As we’re situated right by the beautiful Southend sea front and the shops and restaurants of Hamlet Court Road, a picturesque walk or lovely meal at lunch gets people out and about the office! We also host after-work yoga sessions in the office for those to keep active, even after hours.
  • Currently, we have well-being meetings for those that request them or need them, so we can ensure all of our staff have good mental health, as we understand this is just as important as physical health.
  • As an extension of that mantra, our recent partnership with South East and Central Essex Mind will help us improve how we handle mental health internally, which we want to extend to both our internal and external staff to create a healthier working environment. This is proof of our commitment to going beyond standards and taking mental health just as seriously as physical health.
  • Additionally, for those who take time off ill at work, regardless of length, receive a ‘return to work’ form to ensure ENS can take any action, if necessary, to help someone who has been away from work.
  • Lastly, we recently installed a disinfectant dispenser in our offices at the front of the building, for both visitors and employees to wash their hands before entering the main office space.
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Why ENS?

  • Competitive salaries
  • Profit related pay bonus
  • 20 days annual leave plus bank holidays (Increasing each year of service to 25 days)
  • Casual dress code
  • and much more!

What people are saying about ENS

ENS has been our sole agency provider for the past 8 years. During this time we have worked in partnership to establish an agency service that provides us with the assurance that ENS staff are flexible, highly trained and able to adapt to our working environment across all of our diverse services.
ENS has been able to support our services to a very high standard throughout our geographical locations. Key Performance Indicators often exceed agreed outcomes.
Our relationship with their senior team and operational supervisors is professional and open. We are assured that our long standing working relationship with ENS will continue.
To this end we would not hesitate to recommend ENS as an agency provider to support their organisation.

Director of Human Resources and Training – large Housing and Support charity based in London

We needed to fill two last minute vacancies with high quality teachers.  With this brief, Julie from ENS did not disappoint.  One candidate was from Canada and Julie ensured that the move over went as smoothly as possible both for the teacher and the school. 
What impressed me the most was how Julie listened to exactly what I required and so no time was wasted on my part, sifting through candidates who would not have been good enough for my school. I would highly recommend ENS to another school looking to fill their teacher vacancies.

Darren, Drapers Academy in Harold Hill

My daughter Lynda has enjoyed 24 hour care provided by ENS since July 2013. The care staff are all well trained & briefed as to her complex healthcare regime & are also very sociable. This is very important to Lynda who loves to talk &interact with them. They also manage her household budget, encourage her to participate in domestic tasks within her capabilities, & promote a healthy lifestyle. The administration of ENS is excellent & has ensured that Lynda has a regular rota of carers & that when stand ins are necessary that they have had shadow shifts with her.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work and support you have offered our Foyer and Parent and Child Scheme in managing the placement of temporary staff.
We appreciate the level of consistency and continuity your staff have bought to the schemes and would not hesitate in recommending the services of ENS Recruitment.

Foyer Manager – Large Housing Association based in Southeast England